Training Offered By Us

Having Experience of 500+ training delivered our trainers have the expertise at the topic and are certified as well. We provide classroom training and hands on exercises to experience realistic scenarios and case studies.


Technical Training
You now have the chance of learning technical qualities from the top-notch experts in the industry.

Python Training
Get to learn everything about Python courses from the top industry leaders. If you have sufficient knowledge on any other programming knowledge, learning Python from our experts would be too easy for you!

PostgreSQL Training
Get to learn about PostgreSQL with training courses and tutorials from our experts in a step by step manner. You would get to know everything about PostgreSQL right from the beginner to the advanced level.

Odoo Technical Training
Our Odoo technical training is developed for dedicated partners, developers and integrators who want to learn and grasp the knowledge of Odoo development. Get to learn about Odoo technical training right from the scratch!

Odoo Website Training
You can now learn to make websites with the help of Odoo. When you learn about Odoo website training you would also get to know everything about Odoo, right from the technical, functional and corporate necessities.

Odoo Front-End Training
When you come to us for Odoo front-end training, you would learn everything about creation and modification of front-oriented modules along with modification of widgets, interfaces and much more. This is applicable for both web and Ecommerce and PoS.

Odoo Migration Training
If you want to learn about how to upgrade or migrate from your current ERP to Odoo or just want to update your current version of Odoo, then we are the ones you should come to. Our professional experts would help you to learn Odoo ERP Migration services easily.

Functional Training
We will provide you with the appropriate manpower to manage your business issues like an expert.

Odoo Functional Training
The main objective behind our Odoo functional training is to provide proper knowledge to Odoo users, consultants and concerned partners on Odoo.

Business Analyst Training
Increase the rate of your efficiency through business process improvement with our Business Analyst Training. Our experts will teach you to handle various business ventures through proper training and visual experience.

Solutions Architect Training
A certified solutions architect is in high demand in the industry. Our experts would help you to learn about various designs of solutions so that you can adapt to the best practices in the industry.

Project Management Training
If you want to learn more about how to handle different projects efficiently, our project management training is your one shot at success! If you want to stand out from the rest of the people in this industry, our project management training is perfect for you!

Scrum/Agile Training
Want to learn more about how to implement agile or scrum into your projects? Our experts are here to guide you on this and help you out with any of the necessities which you require to make a career as a scrum/agile developer.

Soft Skill Training
What are soft skills? Communication, people management, team work, time management and much more. If you want to master yourself in these soft skills, our professional experts can help you by polishing your soft skills so that you stand out to the best amongst other competitors.